Data Lighthouse

Continuous real-time optimized industrial value chains.

By combining our tools with existing solutions, you create custom intelligence systems that grow with your data, providing actionable process intelligence at scale.

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Identify the most valuable metrics and indicators for your organization to track based on your specific goals, objectives & availability of data sources.

Production Lead Time

Inventory Stock

Net Working Capital

Delivery Rate…

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Gather data from disparate sources through self-reporting or connect to integrations for real-time updates to your data feed.

ERP, MES, Historian, OPC UA, LIMS

Manual Import

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Get a detailed insight into your impact efforts and performance through a combination of advanced analysis tools, data visualizations and contextual insights.

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Provide visibility into your performance through innovative digital dashboards, complete with access control for your stakeholders that can be added or revoked at any time.

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Use simulation models to determine the global optimum for your operations and align all activities towards the same goal.

Our Vision

Solving value stream complexity leveraging auto-generated and simulation-ready digital twins of supply chains and production streams.

Why Data Lighthouse?


Real-time data

Smart Flows is the only solution which continuously integrates data from logistics, operations and production.


Advanced real-time analytics

Smart Flows generates value during the whole customer journey by providing flexible analytics solutions to avoid cumbersome end-solution implementation projects.


Simulation ready digital twins

Automatic simulation model optimization for complex value chains to significantly improve accuracy – real Digital Twins ready for simulation.

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