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Optimize your Industrial Value Streams & Supply Chains rapidly with Data Analytics

Profit of our modular data-driven analytics software paired with a proven implementation approach and ability of continuous data-driven improvement.

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Benefits of digital production analytics in industrial supply chains

Increased deliverability

Gain full transparency into all of your material flows and major production operations in a contextualized digital model.

Reduced lead-times

Build real-time process automations and decisions on top of advanced analytics to leverage your data as significant value to your daily business.

Reduced inventory

All data about your material flow is being stored with according metadata in a standardized database with manageable access via APIs.

Less LEAN waste

Get the right solution for your goals with one of our highly customizable, modular solutions. We build our solutions along your strategic goals.

Digitization is a global race.

“In a global comparison, companies from Asia Pacific see greater
progress in implementation.” 

~ EY DigiChem Survey 2020

Value Stream & Supply Chain Analytics

Our ‘Value Stream Analytics’ module utilizes existing data to automatically generate insights and improvement potentials about your end to end value streams and supply chains.

You can identify process chains, analyze bottleneck utilizations, inventory levels and cycle times as a starting point for improvements.

Use this Industry 4.0 application to improve lean management tools:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Maximize machine utilization
  • Increase your competitiveness.

Real-time & historical Transparency

Use ‘Smart Flows Core’ to aggregate all data from your plants and warehouses into an real-time model of the internal value chain. This provides a flexible foundation to monetize your data.

By doing so, you will

  • Establish a single point of truth across your internal supply chain
  • Create transparency in your entire process chains (real-time & historical)
  • Reduce the effort required to search for information
  • Maximize your data value.

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